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  • Announcing!!! FibreShare v4.X -  Now Available
  • Native Support for Intel Based Macs
  • Continued Support for Power PC Macs
  • Support for OS X including Apples recently released Snow Leopard

FibreShare volume lock SAN software easily manages FibreChannel, iSCSI or FireWire Shared Network Storage, Users, & enhances Workflow!

Upgrade your systems when it's right for you. No Forced hardware upgrades here If you can see the storage on the Mac we can manage it with FibreShare!

FibreShare Version 4.x enables G4, G5, and the latest Intel based Mac SAN users to share Fibre Channel networked storage without the bottlenecks commonly associated with other Fibre Channel management programs which are controlled over traditional Ethernet-based networking. FibreShare has been archtected for optimum performance over iSCSI as well for small work group environments which desire to save the costs of FibreChannel architecture.

“We value our FiberShare installed base and we are very pleased with the performance increases that the new Intel based Mac hardware provides while using our new native Intel release of FibreShare v 3.0,” said Wyler Furgeson, President and CEO of Charismac. “We have gained a well respected reputation in the industry with the stability, reliability and unparralled ease of use of our FibreShare SAN Software.”

We play with the big boys:

These players are in the enterprise space and know how to build storage. now you can leverage that technology in your workflow with FibreShare.