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Charismac Bets On iSCSI For Resurgence as Protocol of Choice

iSCSI serves as a basis for networking over 1 Gb Ethernet broadly used in corporate networking and data centers., now will find its way into workgroups and boutique shops in the next 1-2 years.  

AUBURN, Calif. - (Jan 28, 2010) - Charismac is promoting Storage networking based on iSCSI with the FibreShare SAN Manager software, that it sells through what it calls a simpler, more easier to deploy and maintain approach than its rivals.

In a recent interview, Wyler Furgeson, CEO of Charismac Engineering at their Auburn, California, headquarters, illustrated how FibreShare adds tremendous proven value with other vendors SAN, NAS and JBOD Solutions, which offer some networking flexibility in a workgroup scenario.

Storage Workgroup networking, where I/O traffic is client and Disk intensive, sometimes at 10 Gb Ethernet speeds, is considered an asset in settings where the workstations are working on large datasets such as video post production, color correction workstations, and audio production to name a few. There are advantages to working with such data ‘on the storage network’ like the disk is inside your machine and not downloading a local copy to a resident HD and then uploading back to the Network when done.

“iSCSI will certainly remain a viable choice for Storage Networking professionals as Ethernet architecture moves up to the 40Gb and 100Gb per second speeds.” Says Furgeson “In short, iSCSI is a standard that's very proven good enough for today's small work group SAN needs at 1 Gb speeds and will remain good enough far into the future. The iSCSI underlying architecture has been tried and tested for over 15 years.”

Charismac Introduces iSCSI Version of Their Popular SAN Management Application FibreShare

AUBURN, Calif. - (April 14, 2007) - Charismac Engineering, a leading developer of SAN Management software, announced today at the NAB Show in Las Vegas a new iSCSI version of FibreShare, their reliable World Class SAN Management Program. Apple Macintosh users can now get the similar benefits of a FibreShare FibreChannel shared SAN solution using a proven Gigabyte Ethernet networking infrastructure at only a fraction of the cost necessary for a traditional FibreChannel network.

iSCSI protocol uses conventional 1 Gb/s (gigabit-per-second) or faster Ethernet networking topology, included with all Macs, as well as Ethernet hubs and switches, together with a commercially available software iSCSI initiator software program.

While FibreChannel is the technology of choice for FibreShare SAN users doing high end video editing and other bandwidth intensive applications, said Wyler Furgeson, President and CEO of Charismac Engineering. We believe there is also a large percentage of users in this space, who would benefit from similar shared lock management storage solutions where iSCSI makes sense on both an technological and economic level.

Charismac Releases FibreShare v3.0 for Intel Based Macs, allowing Power PC Macs and Intel based Macs

- Storage Area Network (SAN) software lets users share common volumes under OS X -

Auburn, CA – 1/23/2007- Charismac announced today Version 3.0 of their reliable Storage Area Networking (SAN) software FibreShare v3.0 is shipping. FibreShare v3.0 now works with the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Intel based Macs. The FibreShare volume management software manages multiple SAN users with the ability to share volumes between Intel and Power PC systems.

Charismac Announces Support for ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel Adapters

Auburn, CA (August 7, 2006) - CharisMac Engineering annouced today that the new Atto Celerity Fibre Channel Adapters, that work on the new Intel based Macintosh® will be fully supported by FibreShare. FibreShare version 3, the Volume Management Solution for SAN will ship in January of 2007. It will run on OSX (all versions) as well as power PC & Intel based Macs.

"We are committed to the Apple Macintosh and will continue to support our customer base that has invested in our products as well as new users that want easy, dependable, and rock solid reliability in their SAN enviroment." said Wyler Furgeson, President and CEO. "I'm confident that users will be pleased with the performace of the new Atto product and the Intel based hardware. It's a great marriage."

Charismac Qualifies ATTO iSCSI Initiator Technology with FibreShare V2.x

Auburn, CA (April 27, 2006) - Charismac Engineering Inc. announced support for ATTO Technology’s iSCSI Initiator Technology in FibreShare V2.x today. FibreShare V 2.x is Charismac’s reliable Storage Area Networking (SAN) software for OS X.  This gives FibreShare users many iSCSI storage options to integrate into their SAN.

Charismac will also offer users of ATTO’s Accelware SAN software for OS 9 an aggressive upgrade path to update their software to FibreShare V2.0 for OS X.

“By qualifying ATTO’s iSCSI Initiator Technology in FibreShare we have given our end users a very high-end, high-performance option they can integrate into their FibreShare SANs,” said Wyler Furgeson, President and CEO of Charismac Engineering. “We are also very excited about our FibreShare V2.0 upgrade path for ATTO Accelware customers currently running OS 9. We can offer them a cost-effective way to move their SAN up to OS X now that the majority of audio and video editing applications can be run under OS X. This will definitely provide the end user with ways in which they can be more productive.”

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