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Charismac Releases FibreShare for Mac OS X, New Release Can Co-exist in OS 9 SAN

- Storage Area Network (SAN) software lets users share common volumes under OS X -

Auburn, CA 7/8/2003 Charismac released a version of their reliable Storage Area Networking (SAN) software FibreShare today that works with Apples’ (NASDAQ: AAPL) Mac OS X. The volume management software package allows multiple users to share between OS9 and OSX and have shared read and write access to Fibre Channel storage without the bottlenecks commonly associated with traditional Ethernet-based networking.

“We’re extremely excited about the release of FibreShare for OS X,” said Wyler Furgeson, President and CEO of Charismac. “We did not want to release a product for OS X that was not as stable, as reliable, and as widely accepted as our OS 9 FibreShare product. I am confident that with this release we’ve exceeded our original expectations.”

Charismac’s OS 9 version of FibreShare has a large installed user base running under OS9. FibreShare allows audio and video applications such as Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Final Cut Pro, Digidesigns’ ProTools and Media 100 (NASDAQ: MDEA) to see fibre channel storage as if it were directly attached to the client’s computer with no performance hit to the system. FibreShare works seamlessly with hardware from IBM (NYSE: IBM), Vixel (NASDAQ: VIXL), HP (NYSE: HPQ), StorageTek (NYSE: STK), EMC (NYSE: EMC), Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD), Hitachi Data Systems, McData (NASDAQ: MCDTA) and many others.

FibreShare for Mac OS X also sees and allows access to OS 9 volumes. Extra attention was given to this functionality so that customers could slowly migrate to OS X when necessary and as their SAN evolves.

“We wanted to provide customers with a way to bring in one or two seats of the OS X software into their existing FibreShare network if necessary. Customers do not need to feel the burden of upgrading their audio and video equipment to OS X is an all or nothing proposition,” Furgeson added.

FibreShare for OS X comes complete with all tools necessary for installation including the award-winning Charismac RAID utilities for OS X allowing users to set up a SAN using single disk drives or multi-disk arrays. FibreShare also comes with a comprehensive benchmarking tool in order to test storage devices on the SAN.

FibreShare for OS X carries a suggested retail price of $1249 per network seat. Charismac offers quantity discounts as well as competitive upgrades from other SAN software packages.

More information about FibreShare for OS X can be found on the Charismac web site, http://www.charismac.com/, by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by calling (530) 885-4420.


Charismac Qualifies ATTO Fibre Channel Cards with FibreShare V2.0

- Charismac will also offer ATTO Accelware customers an upgrade path to OS X -

Auburn, CA 10/14/03 - Charismac Engineering Inc. announced support for ATTO Technology’s ExpressPCI Fibre Channel host bus adapters in FibreShare V2.0 today. FibreShare V 2.0 is Charismac’s reliable new Storage Area Networking (SAN) software for OS X. Charismac will also offer users of ATTO’s Accelware SAN software for OS 9 an aggressive upgrade path to update their software to FibreShare V2.0 for OS X.

“By qualifying ATTO’s ExpressPCI fibre channel cards in FibreShare we have given our end users a very high-end, high-performance card that they can integrate into their FibreShare SANs,” said Wyler Furgeson, President and CEO of Charismac Engineering. “We are also very excited about our FibreShare V2.0 upgrade path for ATTO Accelware customers currently running OS 9. We can offer them a cost-effective way to move their SAN up to OS X now that the majority of audio and video editing applications can be run under OS X. This will definitely provide the end user with ways in which they can be more productive.”

FibreShare V2.0, released in early summer, has been met with very enthusiastic demand as it hits the market as the first SAN sharing solution to ship in volume with support for OS X. FibreShare V2.0 allows multiple users to access shared storage over high-performance Fibre Channel connection. Using a dual-port ATTO fibre channel card and a 2 GB Fibre channel storage array such as Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) XRAID, FibreShare v2.0 users can see speeds in excess of 200 MB/sec at each workstation in a SAN environment while seamlessly sharing data between hosts. ATTO ExpressPCI Fibre Channel host adapters feature Advanced Data Streaming (ADStm) Technology, which boosts the performance of data-intensive video, audio and prepress environments through fast and efficient transfer of large-block data.

More information on ATTO Technology’s ExpressPCI product line can be found by visiting the ATTO web site, http://www.attotech.com/ or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . More information on FibreShare V2.0, the upgrade path available to current Accelware users or on Charismac’s entire suite of high-end data storage software products can be found by visiting the Charismac web site, http://www.charismac.com/ or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Charismac Engineering, Inc., with headquarters in Auburn, California, has produced and licensed quality software applications since 1986 for the Macintosh and Windows family of computers. Charismac Engineering Inc.'s award winning line of utilities include: Discribe, the Anubis Professional Formatting Utility, Charismac RAID, AudioScribe, Backup Mastery, PowerControl, CD AutoCache and FibreShare.


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